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Creativity in Science and Society

A symposium celebrating Niels Bohr, 7-9 October 2013

In 1913, Niels Bohr published his three seminal papers on the atomic model. This calls for a centenary celebration by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters where Niels Bohr served as president 1939-1962.

Niels Bohr will be celebrated in many ways during 1913, both for his specific achievements in physics and for his ambition as a global citizen to keep an open world. The Royal Danish Academy wants to direct the attention towards the intense creativity at Niels Bohr’s institute at the University of Copenhagen.The Symposium will address the question of how such a stimulating and creative environment could take off and keep flying. There is the personality and intellectual gifts of Niels Bohr and his collaborators, but there is also an intense time of discovery, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a family life, and a national support, all of which contributed to the creative spirit that would lead to a host f fundamental breakthroughs in many fields.
To explore the multiple dimensions of creativity, we have invited c. 20 scholars from the natural, social, and human sciences, as well as artists, politicians and university leaders to present their views on how to capture and harness creativity.

Programme, Videnskabernes Selskab (Royal Danish Academy of Sciences) >>